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As found by a Harvard study, between 67% and 90% of the time Harvard’s scientists changed or enhanced the treatment the patient was originally told to follow. That is a staggering fact. The secret is that the World Leading Medical Centres attract the most research funds allowing them to purchase the most up to date scientific equipment, attract the most dedicated scholars and hire the most highly regarded and focused scientists. Some metrics of the service: - Approximately 6% of cases, the diagnosis changes. - Surgeries can be avoided in approximately 12% of cases. - The treatment plan changes in approximately 82% of cases.
After the initial 3 month waiting period and if your membership with We Assist is active. If the plan is part of an inclusion or corporate program from We Assist, then the waiting period is void.
We Assist does not have an age limit to provide the product. However, if you are over 71 years old you will have to buy your individual plan at the applicable cost for this age.
You will be able to use your second medical opinion service as long as the waiting period has been served.
We Assist® is able to review ANY medical condition with a Medical Second Opinion with the exception of the following circumstances: - No initial diagnosis - No evaluation by a treating physician for more than 1 year - Condition requires immediate medical intervention - An in person evaluation is required (e.g. mental illness)
The Medical Second Opinion report will provide you with a treatment plan that may differ from the treatment plan offered by your attending physician. The choosen World Leading Medical Centre uses a team of specialists who will re-study your medical records. This is not a doctor-to-doctor referral but an in-depth research conducted by a world class research team composed of doctors of multiple specialties.
No, once you contact We Assist® and start the Medical Second Opinion process and have consented to share your data, We Assist® team will then work with you and your doctor to collect the relevant medical records.
There is no query limit. It is only necessary that the client have the active plan, have completed their waiting period, if applicable, and have the most recent studies of their case.
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