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About us

We Assist

We Assist is an assistance company that has a technological platform that provides access to a wide variety of services globally. We have vast experience in travel assistance programs and complementary services. With more than 250 thousand suppliers in the world and a 24/7/365 operation, we are always available to our clients and distributors.

Why do we do it?


Address the problems of our customers with quality care and speed, without borders or schedules.


We want to make We Assist the main complement for every traveler. We will become the most important assistance company in America.


  • We always keep our promises.
  • Heroic service to our customers.
  • Permanent innovation.
  • Sustained profitable growth.
  • Agility and speed in providing solutions.
  • Transparency, ethics and integrity in our operations.

Our Numbers:

  • Attention in +190 countries and thousands of cities
  • 98% of our cases are managed with our own network
  • 97% of our calls answered within 6 seconds
  • +450 people in the team to give you support
  • Operation with management capacity of + 2.5 million people at annual risk

How do we do it?

We work with the best

We Assist only partners with the bests in industry. From the ground up we have built our operations working with the top providers in each industry and service where we offered our packaged benefits.

We Assist takes the time to properly vet each and every partner we team with to build the products you use and rely on everyday. 

What holds us together?

All of our decisions, whether business or personal, are based and revolve around our values as a company. We work hard so that this is what emanates from all our products and the interaction with our customers.

3 Pillars

  • We Assist Values
  • Human Talent
  • Technological Innovation
We Assist ® es la marca registrada de los planes de asistencia comercializados por We Assist Corp. (RUC: 155256278-2-2017) y sus subsidiarias, incluyendo We Assist Inc. We Assist Corp. mantiene su sede en Tower Financial Center, Piso 17, Calle 50, Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá. We Assist Corp. es una empresa registrada en la República de Panamá especializada en la comercialización e implementación de productos de asistencia global para individuos y grupos de empleados. Los planes de asistencia en viaje de We Assist Corp. están suscritos por Bannerman Rendell Limited, respaldado al 100% por Lloyds of London (Registro #G400103), para brindar un servicio excepcional en todo el mundo. La información en este sitio web se proporciona únicamente con fines informativos y no incluye todos los términos, condiciones y exclusiones de los planes de asistencia que usted está adquiriendo. Es posible que algunos de los planes o beneficios no estén disponibles en su lugar de residencia. Si usted adquiere uno de nuestros productos se está automáticamente suscribiendo a los términos y condiciones que rigen los beneficios de We Assist ®.

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