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FAQ's - Travel Plans

Once the purchase is complete, the client will automatically receive an email with the Voucher We Assist. Within it you will also access the Terms & Conditions of We Assist which you should read. The Terms & Conditions are also readily available in our webpage
The period of validity is understood as the period during which the client can accessthe benefits indicated in the Voucher. This period that runs from 00:00 hours of the date of departure to the outside of the country of permanent residence, until 23:59 hours from the date of return back to country of permanent residence as indicated in the Voucher. In the case of our hotel product, it will be understood as one (1) day, the period of 24 hours since the client entered (checked in) the hotel; regardless of your time of departure from the hotel.
The main qualifying factor to apply for cancellation is that your We Assist travel assistance has been purchased: 1. Within the first 72 hours after the first payment of your hotel reservation, air ticket, or other travel bookings. 2. If you did not purchase your travel assistance within the time mentioned in point 1, you may purchase your assistance and have the cancellation benefit active as long as you purchase the assistance at least 3 calendar months before the start date of your trip. Once you notify our assistance center that you need to cancel your trip, we will request the relevant information to evaluate the case, verify the validity of the benefit, and the justified cause of cancellation in order to confirm or deny your assistance benefit. Please refer to our general conditions to read in more detail about how our cancellation benefit works and the reasons under which you can cancel.
If you need any kind of assistance, be it a medical consultation, a dental emergency, legal assistance, concierge service, telemedicine, or locate lost luggage, the first thing you should do is contact the We Assist Assistance Center. Simply by means of a telephone call to the We Assist service line, to the Whatsapp of our assistance center or through the different means provided by contact, you can begin your process of receiving assistance.
It is necessary that when you have an emergency or need any of the benefits of our plans, the first step (unequivocally) you make is to contact our assistance center. We will help you coordinate everything. In case of an unforeseen emergency that results in you needing immediate medical attention, at the end of the process, it is necessary to contact us as soon as possible. Maximum 24 hours after the attention has been received.
The direct attention at the hotel will depend on the severity of the condition detailed by the client; we can generally do it , but there are times when it is not possible. There are countries (United States of America) where the usual practice is that the Doctor receives the patient at his office or because the reason for the call makes it necessary for the patient to be seen directly in a hospital (a trauma that requires the use of X-rays for example). We Assist provides emergency assistance in the case of any non-pre-existing illness that avoids continuing with the current trip and, of course, in case of an accident. At all times (no exception), whenever you have an emergency , you must contact the We Assist Help Desk and request assistance.
No, these costs will not be reimbursed. Only drugs that have been prescribed by a medical professional coordinated and authorized by the We Assist Help Desk will apply for reimbursement. Medications that do not have any kind of relationship with the medical assistance provided, even if prescribed, will not have coverage.
It is the sum of expenses that We Assist will pay you and / or reimburse for all concepts and for all the services provided.
The beneficiary must submit the PIR (Property Irregularity Report) Form and the original copy of the compensation receipt from the airline.
Applies if the flight of the beneficiary was delayed for more than 6 consecutive hours to the originally scheduled, and when there is no alternative transportation. It will be reimbursed up to the top of assistance limit in hotel expenses, meals and communications during the waiting period.
This benefit covers the costs incurred by the beneficiary's civil or criminal defense (up to the detailed limit on benefits) for the purpose of the imputation or exoneration of responsibility for a traffic accident .
With the purchase of the medical assistance service, you can also include different Add-ons or extras to your assistance such as: Expansion of the amount of medical assistance, Insurance for theft of luggage, Tech-Protection , Medical assistance in case of pre-existing diseases to name a few. They are available when managing the purchase of the service and you can choose any of them. Upgrades are available only on certain products.
All the yearly duration assistance products we have are specially designed for frequent travelers and are valid for all trips you make during the duration of its validity. The product will assist the traveler during each of the trips and the duration of such assistance will depend on the selected product. Within these options you will have 30 days or 60 days of consecutive travel. The product loses its validity when the traveler returns to his country of residence and the limit amount of assistance, if used, is reinstated for his next trip. When you start a new trip (always within 365 days of validity) the assistance regains its validity and you will again have the right to make use of all our services.
It is highly recommended that, when leaving your country, you have travel assistance. This is important because when you leave your country, you are immediately exposed to risk and having travel assistance without co-payments or deductibles is a way to protect your health and personal finances. For all travelers wishing to enter the European Community , it is a mandatory requirement to maintain a medical care of at least € 30,000 according to the provisions of the Schengen Treaty. European authorities have the power to deny entry in case the passenger has not taken out insurance.
The service would be coordinated at the Beneficiary's request, but all costs should be covered by the client.
When you buy a We Assist product, automatically you are acquiring a travel assistant. Not just an assistance, but an assistant to whom you have immediate access through our 24/7/365 service line, our WhatsApp service, Skype or various contingency lines. Our products have a luxury concierge service, in addition to the common benefits of travel assistance, that will allow you to access recommendations, quote and organize services during your trip, make reservations, make changes to your flight or assist you in emergencies. If you have an emergency in another country, this is the difference between having to figure out what to do or just call for advice. Guided by a team with more than 30 years in international assistance operations. The big difference between We Assist and other travel insurance, regardless of how big the insurance company is, is that we do everything for you. There are other products that try to offer something similar, but ultimately they fail because when you have an emergency, it is you who must organize the resolution your emergency; from contacting specialists to deciding where to go and taking into account the difficulty of making these decisions, often even within their own country; having to do it in another, with language barriers and lack of information can be the difference between high medical care and compromising your health. This is precisely what distinguishes We Assist from the competition and places We Assist in another level of service.
As with any other emergency, the first thing you should do is contact our assistance center. Our team will support, advise, guide you through the process and coordinate care according to the regulations of each country. Don't worry about the cost of this care because all We Assist products support COVID-19.