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Cruise Trips

Travel Assistance for Cruise Trips

Cruise Trips

Sea and Land

Sea and Land

If you go on a cruise, this is your plan. We support you from the moment you leave the country, hop on the plane, go on your cruise trip and return home.



From 5 to 90 days of cruise. We are with you wherever you are. Our age limit is one of the highest in the industry supporting you up to 85 years of age.

No Frontiers, Available Anytime

No Frontiers, Available Anytime

Travel assistance for up to 90 consecutive days of travel, one or multiple cruises. We Assist is global, 24/7/365


from: USD$ 5.15
Product especially designed for cruise trips
Benefits per person
USD / EUR 30,000 Medical Assistance (Includes Covid) (Per event or diagnosis)
$ 500 Medical assistance in case of preexistent disease
$ 600 Baggage compensation for loss
$ 1000 Multi-cause cancelation
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from: USD$ 11.17
Product especially designed for cruise trips
Benefits per person
$ 100,000 Medical Assistance (Includes Covid) (Per event or diagnosis)
$ 700 Medical assistance in case of preexistent disease
$ 800 Baggage compensation for loss
$ 2,000 Multi-cause cancelation

How do We Assist™ products work?

We Assist™ takes care of you during each trip you take, our omnichannel differentiates us, whether by phone, Skype or WhatsApp, we are for you 24/7/365 - No timetables or borders!

24 hour International Medical Assistance

If during your trip you suffer an injury or illness, what do we do? Where do we go Will the care be of quality? When will it cost me? Will it be the right place?

Whether by whatsapp or a call, we indicate the best health center, coordinate everything and take care of the expenses.

Concierge Services

In a country you don't know well ? Do you need support coordinating services or finding a place? 

The We Assist™ concierge service is available 24/7/365 to assist our clients in obtaining information about show tickets, travel arrangements, vehicle rentals, theater reservations and any other information that the Beneficiary may need in the main cities of the world.


How many times have we traveled and our luggage does not appear? What do we do?

The main benefit of this assistance is to provide you with a solution no matter what happens. We support you in recovering your luggage, we support you with the costs you incur and we compensate you if the luggage is not recovered.

Interruption and Cancellations

During the trips, unforeseen events usually arise that prevent us from making the trip or forces us to leave it halfway, such as a family loss, a loss in your home or an epidemic.

Our assists maintain cancellation and interruption benefits and we offer Upgrades to further enhance these benefits



In transit or ending your trip and they inform you that the flight has been delayed until the next day. What to do? Who covers the costs of the hotel, meals and transportation until then?

We Assist™ helps you coordinate the new procedures first and recognizes your expenses up to the maximum of contracted assistance.

Amateur Sports


During your trip did you feel like doing a different activity? A sport for the first time?


We Assist™ supports you as long as it is not a professional sport. Equestrian, snow, water sports, recreational diving, among others ...

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How to request your Assistance

Experience peace of mind and enjoy your life to the fullest with our wide range of services tailored to meet your needs

  • icon-phone
    Client calls our contact center requesting assistance
  • icon-services
    Customer service specialist receives and processes the request
  • icon-team
    Our team coordinates the services needed
  • icon-monitor
    We monitor that the services, attention, and/or assistance needed are delivered correctly.
  • icon-file
    We take care of the bill with the provider.

What can you expect from us?


Your Health

In case of a medical emergency, we'll manage necessary medical attention and cover the costs, ensuring your health is our top priority.



If you find yourself in an extreme situation, like a mountain accident, we'll evacuate you to the hospital and take care of all expenses. Travel with confidence in high-risk activities.


Concierge Services

Need restaurant reservations, itinerary changes, or translation services? Our Concierge team is ready to assist with all the details, including visa information, entry requirements and much more. Your perfect journey starts here.

Trusted Signals

When you choose We Assist, you begin a journey of discovery. We are by your side every step of the way, providing you with the support and resources you need to have a safe and enjoyable travel experience. Discover, explore, and thrive: your journey starts here with We Assist.

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